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Basit Seviye:turn to,toward,anxiety,spirit,inspiration

Love has been a great source of
for poets since the very early times.
He noticed two policemen coming
I'm alone here; I don't know who to
We acted in a
of cooperation; every one of us helped the other.
His father died of liver failure and now he has problems with his liver; that explains his
over his health.

Orta Seviye:can't help,sigh(fiil),possess,take sb by surprise,sparkle(isim)

She was so nervous; she
biting her nails.
The bright
on the sea were very joyful to watch.
Long years of civil
ruined the economy of the country.
Frankie stared out of the window and
deeply, he was still thinking of the incident that happened months ago.
The guerrillas were killed when army troops

İleri Seviye: strife , attentively , obsolete , hell to pay , pass around

They were all very interested; everybody listened to the presentation
If you break that window again, there'll be
guns without permission is illegal.
Floppy disks, which can hold only 1MB, were popular in 90s but they are
COuld you
the cookies
.They're really delicious.

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