25. Saat (2002) - 25th hour (2002)

10/19/2010 13:18:53

Director: Spike Lee

Writer: David Benioff (novel), David Benioff (screenplay)

Leading roles: Edward Norton, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Barry Pepper

Country: USA

Runtime: 135 min

25. Saat (2002)


Monty Brogan has his last twenty four hours of hisfreedombefore hegive inthe authorities for seven-years jail. He spends his last day with his best friends Frank (a bond dealer), and Jacob (an English teacher who isn't content with his life) and his girlfriend Naturelle.

In this 24 hours weget to knowMonty and undertstand whatbroughthim to his dramatic end.

For more information:http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0307901/plotsummary

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