2008 YDS Kelimeleri

02/12/2010 14:07:08

2008 YDS Kelimeler

turn into major several naval frankly
tendency hazard account plain exaggeration
irrelevant definite valid reliable distinct
ruin lead evidence accurately advanced
extend ancient acre collapse contain
continent supply adolescence intentionally adequately
afford provide approve determine appear
support civilization come out look after establish
come back get off set out move off dawn
set up get on keep away peak instantly
clue reign government attention pass out
diversity advance recent planet solar system
highland occur dramatic increase heat
evolve scale roughly wolf migrate
safety trip rotation equator originate
break up go down take off latitude grow
flame blow up get around rural absorb
collect coal wealthy lit put out
run away administrative port trade chop
destroy range take place attraction residence
enlargement prosperity availability emergence owe
innovation individual fundamental association possession
experiment fair harsh temporary sufficient
commerce broad opinion various spectacular
widespread relaxing foreign reach spread
antiquity canal compete with in particular regard
comet involve ride fix break
messy on foot wavelength conflict specify
partially block medium sell out influence
tendency dwarf spacecraft disaster found
psychology fascinating underworld passenger in addition to
competitive dominant sink on board compared to
contrary efficient vague volume aspect
label disastrous initially isolation voyage
independent dependence affect independence capture
resource impress release rate lung
solve object to interruption prohibition enforce
laboratory a great deal of truth similar opponent
salary convince remind of prohibit weapon
solution comprise work force classify provide
affection obscurity concern clarity keenly
complicated description undertake inspire pleasant
respected adventure prefer literary apparently
navy distinguished valuable spirit bound
divide appreciate panoramic sense intimacy
flow into stroll overall unlike contribute
enormously vital consider draw attention branch
deal with concern with a great number of therefore phase
prehistory define common ground controversy
whatsoever gap conclude collaborate in settle
poem convey attempt to intention interpretation
matter far-fetched emphasize relate come up with
avoid unlikely guide definitely scarcely
particular worship dwell judge foremost
utility proportion practical argue architect
exceptional evaluate point out ignore desirable
imply serve renaissance rebirth revival
gain onwards praise master imitation
beforehand rely on worry about sight legend
confine prophecy precaution smuggle grape
incident situation indifferent pity have nothing to do with sth
measure come true strict obstacle manage to
in advance receive attend majority reasonably
on time punctual stand out suitable overweight
regret united inland native make sense
overpopulated invade take away undoubtedly sophisticated
convert stretch friendliness elderly extended
heritage kick annoyance seek advice
arrange probably expedition persuade sew
willingly concentrate device politely properly
mark never mind genius throughout wounded
bright quarrel threat milking somewhat
offer cruise latter refreshment dusty
accomplished acquainted with hint unexpected --------------

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