Zaman bağlaçları - Alıştırma - Time Conjunctions - Exercise

10/17/2011 00:00:00

Aşağıdaki cümlelerdeki boşluklara anlamca en uygun olan bağlacı yazınız.

after (x3), as soon as (x4), when, while, since(x2), until (x2), before(x2)

1. I get very tired in the evenings.I have a bath
I wake up.
he turns on the computer, he becomes online.He never loses time for facebook.
I heard that I passed the exam, I got very happy.
4. I took a painkiller since I had a headache.
I had taken a painkiller, i relieved.
I was swimming in the sea, I had a cramp in my foot.
6. She has been working in the same company
she got married.
7. First you should finish your work.Don't go out
you've finished your work.
8. The dinner had been ready
my father came from work. He always wants to have dinner on time.
9. I need to buy a present
James comes. He musn't see what I bought.
10. We are waiting for the signed contract impatiently. We'll send payment
you fax the signed contract.
11. You will not be hungry
you eat.
12. I want to graduate from high school
13. I have known Lisa
she was a child.
14. The babysitter will leave
mum comes back. She is in a hurry.
15. It is raining heavily.Let us wait
the rain stops.

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  • snnsvs snnsvs : 08/23/2012 16:22:06
    15 te 10 sizce nsl la ?
  • benefse21 benefse21 : 12/10/2012 10:23:16
    fevkalade dostum..
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