Popüler İş İngilizcesi Kelimeleri Alıştırması - Popular Business English Words Exercise

04/17/2013 00:00:00

In this exercise you are supposed to match the most popular business English words on the left column with their meanings on the right. Write the number of the correct definition in the box next to the word. - Bu alıştırmada sol kolondaki en populer iş İngilizcesi kelimelerini sağdaki tanımlarıyla eşleştirmeniz gerekiyor. Doğru tanımın numarasını kelimenin yanındaki kutuya yazınız.

business-to-business (b2b)
1. to make certain that a person is going to pay for something
trade secret
2. a fair agreement
3. a written or formal offer to supply goods or do a job for an agreed price
4. describing or involving arrangements or trade between different businesses, rather than between businesses and the general public
niche market
5. said to emphasize that you believe work is more important than entertainment and enjoyment
big business
6. a small area of trade within the economy, often involving specialized (= unusual and made for a few people) products
intangible asset
7. something valuable which a company has which is not material, such as a good reputation
Business before pleasure.
8. a piece of information about a product that is known only to the particular company that makes it
see the colour of sb's money
9. something which makes a lot of money
square deal
10. a sale of an unwanted business at a low price to encourage someone to buy it
11. activities involving other people, especially in business

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