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Cümlelere uygun düşen seçeneklerle tamamlayın, boşluklara sadece harfleri yazın.

1. If I were you,
a. she wouldn’t have missed the bus.
2. What would you do
b. she will probably be fired.
3. I would buy a brand new car,
c. we cannot go on a picnic.
4. If she had studied harder,
d. you would speak more fluently.
5. If we don’t take any caution for global warming,
e. I would change the education system.
6. She would have not missed the appointment,
f. if you were me?
7. If our country goes into the war,
g. I would have taken you to the cinema.
8. If she makes bigger mistakes again,
h. it will be badly affected economically and socially at the end.
9. I would have been a professional football player,
i. If I won the lottery.
10. If you spoke English in your daily life,
j. she would have passed the class.
11. If I had had time last week,
k. more species will become extinct.
12. If she had hurried up,
l. if I hadn’t had an accident years ago.
13. If I were a prime minister,
m. if she had came on time.
14. I’m sorry but I it rains,
n. I wouldn’t go there alone.

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