İsim + Edat Alıştırma - Noun + Preposition Exercise

08/31/2011 00:00:00

İsimlerden sonra kullanılacak olan edatlardan boşluklara uygun olanları yazınız.

  1. Is there any need
  2. His success was the result
    hard working.
  3. Have you got any authority
    saying that?
  4. Selen has a great admiration
    her history teacher.
  5. The minister stated that no real alternative
    the plan existed.
  6. Cansu doesn’t have a very good relationship
    her mother.
  7. I wish I had the solution
    this problem.
  8. The decrease
    profits is due to the bad market.
  9. There is a real demand
    qualified teachers.
  10. The cause
    his problems is his marriage.
  11. I think your attitude
    your employer is really bad.
  12. Addiction
    alcohol is perhaps as serious as drug addiction in this country.
  13. There is no known cure
    this type of snake bite.
  14. She is a thoroughly spoilt child and has no respect
    her parents.
  15. I'm having difficulty
    waking up early as it’s too hot to sleep at night.
  16. Delay
    retirement savings costs more in the long run.
  17. Last year was a bad year for the company. There was a big fall
  18. The police want to question a man in connection
    the robbery.
  19. There is always an exception
    the rule.
  20. Cemil sent me an e-mail with some important questions about gaining experience
    project management.
  21. German has a great influence
  22. You should take responsibility
    your own actions.
  23. The use
    internet has spread all over the world at short notice.
  24. Gene therapy offers hope
    Parkinson's disease.

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