20 Dolar - 20 Bills

04/14/2012 00:00:00

A well-known speaker started off his seminar by holding up a $20 bill. In the room of 200, he asked, who would like this $20 bill? Hands started going up.

He said, I am going to give this to one of you, but first, let me do this.

He proceeded tocrumplethe bill up. He then asked, who still wants it?

Still the hands were up in the air.

Well, he replied, what if I do this? He dropped it on the ground, and started togrindit into the floor with his shoe. He picked it up, now crumpled and dirty. Now, who still wants it? Still hands went into the air.

My friends! You all have learned a very valuable lesson: No matter what I did to the money, you still wanted it, because, it didn’t decrease in value. It was still worth 20 dollars.

Many times in our lives, we are dropped, crumpled and ground into the dirt by the decisions we make and the circumtances that come our way. We feel that we are worthless, but, no matter what has happened or what will happen, you will never lose your value, dirty or clean, crumpled or finelycreased, you are still priceless to those who love you. The worth of our lives come not in what we do, or who we know, but, by who we are. You are special, don’t ever forget it!


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